The Tastiest Green Smoothie

greenI know green smoothies have kind of become a fad, but hey, I will get behind any fad that is amazing for my health! I drink a green smoothie every morning and I love the energy, inspiration and vitality it gives me. I can feel the life force of the dark, leafy greens infusing into my bones and being! Okay, so I am kind of a nutrition nerd and addicted to eating plants but I really do feel a magical energy surge through me. That’s why I love eating live foods. I feel alive and tapped in to my highest potential. You seriously gotta try this stuff.

I play around with my green smoothie ingredients but by far, my favorite green smoothie is the Greenylicious Super Smoothie from Earthsprout. It it totally green and totally delicious. I love the way sweet pear, banana and vanilla balance out the savory nature of the dark leafy greens. The lemon and ginger give it a really nice kick (which is perfect for the beginning of your day) plus they are pleasantly refreshing. You can switch up your greens for a slight change in flavor and nutrition profile. I alternate between swiss chard, kale, parsley, cilantro, spinach, collards & dandelion greens.

Try it out for yourself. I guarantee you will love it and will turn some friends into green smoothie lovers. Cheers to your health!

xo, Sarah


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